At the earliest opportunity we would like to visit the site to assess it for suitability.

We would - ideally - like a level site with a firm surface. Inclines and ground conditions can be accommodated but we would like to come prepared!


  • While Arpeggio build the stage we require a clear and exclusive working area.
  • For the lighting we will require 2 x 16amp supplies. Alternatively a mains feed. Our LED lighting has a low loading factor.
  • If our stage and lights are onsite overnight adequate security is required.
  • We need adequate vehicular access to the site.  The trailer is almost 2.5m wide and the overall length of the towing van and trailer is around 15m. The towing vehicle is a 4x4 and will cope with most ground conditions.
  • We will agree the condition of the equipment with you on handover to you when we are satisfied with the build.
  • Should there by any (unlikely) unfortunate damage this will be your responsibility - but that's why you're insured!
  • There is a maximum safe working wind-speed - 50 mph. You need to be aware that the roof may need to be lowered in exceptional circumstance on safety grounds.